Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ready or not.... we go!  Picks are made, pools are filled, now we can just sit back and watch non-stop college b'ball for awhile.  Wilma is in heaven.

  • Cats expecting fewer calls to be made in the "let 'em play" tourney.
  • Best and worst case scenarios for tourney teams.  Check out Villanova's: "Scud-shooting Villanova is booted before it ever gets to leave Philadelphia by season-long underachiever Arizona. Home crowd does what it does best, booing 'Nova off the floor."
  • Badgers?  We don't need to steenking Badgers!  UA and the cheeseheads stumble into the tourney, almost mirror images of each other.  Tony Bennett chimes in here.
  • Ouch!  This guy really knows how to hurt someone. (1/2 way down page - Minn. bracket)
  • Now this guy thinks we can make some noise.  If we show up, that is.  "Another traditional power that has struggled this year, Lute Olson's bunch is seeded eighth in Minneapolis.  While there's been little to indicate Arizona can put together a sustained run, the return to action of wing Hassan Adams -- who was suspended for the Pac-10 tournament -- gives the Wildcats a chance to push Villanova in the second round; that is, if Arizona manages to get by the more local Wisconsin Badgers in Round One."
  • Cats accused of living in the past.  Make that 1997, please.
Let's get busy.

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