Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lute not taking it easy on next year's schedule

Even though Washington scheduled 10 of its first 11 games at home (losing number 11 to AZ, btw) and got a higher seed than the Wildcats, Lute is still sticking to his time-proven plan of scheduling tough pre-season opponents. Heck, he doesn't even care if they're on the road. He is second-guessing the committee on their seedings, though, and wondering if maybe he shouldn't schedule Our Sisters of the Prickly Pear and Budweiser State to inflate the record come tourney time. Nahhhhh....

But Olson's core philosophy in scheduling remains, so the Wildcats will host North Carolina, Memphis, Houston, UNLV and possibly Iona at McKale, while facing Illinois in Phoenix next season, according to UA administrative aide Jack Murphy. On the road, Murphy said, Arizona will face Virginia, San Diego State and possibly Villanova.

One thing's for sure. Ticket sales shouldn't drop off. And don't forget that team bonding trip to Europe planned for late May.

  • O is for Over, which is the condition of Florida's streak of failures.
    The Gators, entering this tournament, had lost on the opening weekend
    to lower-seeded teams for five straight years. That is a record of
    futility they now share with Illinois (1986-90) and Arizona (1989-93). Welcome to the club, Donovan.
  • Shakur, Williams might evaluate draft status. Think Jason Gardner....Jason Terry.....Chris Rodgers...(well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad)
  • Just watched that cat that fell 80 feet and got right up again. Gives hope for next season.

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