Friday, March 17, 2006

No March Sadness for Cats

Who the heck were those guys with the UA jerseys on today? This was the type of game we've been starved for all year. Smiling, laughing, and running away from the Badgers, the Wildcats finally started enjoying the game and playing like there IS a tomorrow. Even Billy Packer had good things to say about Zona as they hit the ground running and never looked back, leaving the Cheeseheads in their dust.  Ahhh - Philadelphia freedom at last.

  • "Our fans came here with expectations," `Nova forward Will Sheridan said. "Their fans came here with hope. It's a lot more fun when you're just hoping your team does well."  Yep, and underdog fans throughout the brackets are feeling the love this tourney.  Great match-ups, NCAA, no matter what Nance and Packer have to say.
  • "(Shakur) reached back for those first moments on the playground at 10th and Olney and pulled out the spin move that so many of his friends remember him by."  Classic move, classy guy that Staph.  I'll bet he knows a good cheesesteak when he sees one, too.
  • "The thing we didn't want to happen happened," UW coach Bo Ryan said. "You can't play from behind. It's very difficult. . . . That was our worst nightmare."  As a Cat fan, it was a dream!
  • "Don't tell Nova it was an ugly win."  Okay....we'll let them in our little secret on Sunday.  But how many of us picked the  AZCats to advance to the Sweet 16, or even into the Round of 32?
  • "At long last, talented Arizona plays up to its potential."  And gives Lute yet another 20-win season.
  • Check it out.....Wilbur made it to the big time world of blogshares and trading.  Stock is rising, IPO to be announced soon.
  • Standings after first round games in the Family Bracket Pool:
      • Wilbur and Swister Meeney tied for first
      • Three ringers from Wilbur's workplace take next 3 spots
      • Sparky running a strong 6th.
  • 'Nova fails to cover spread (20 points?  Get real) and loses fans against Monmouth.  Monmouth?
What  A  Tourney!!!

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