Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cats cowtow to bRuins

A lack of physicalability (bangability, bruiseability, toughability) caused the Cats to come up short against Ucla last night. It just took too long to adjust to the style of play - "letting them play," as the refs say - and the absence of Hot Sauce spelled doom from the start. Still, we did manage to cut the deficit to 12 by game's end. Little consolation, and look for the Cats to be wearing the road reds in all tourney games. Did I say all?? How far do YOU have them going in your brackets?

  • Batcats visit Mississippi State, play grateful guests.
  • "And there's also the excitement of disrobing old ghosts like Arizona." Let them gloat while they can.
  • Bobby Knight finishes under .500 for the first time in 35 years. Sounds like a perfect fit for Tempe.
  • Lute keeps his cool during game, heard muttering "Good Grief!" "My Word!" Still no match for Ryan Radke's "For crying in the middle of the night!"
  • Fisher-Matlock Final Four Tourney invitations going out soon. Watch out for Sweeney - he's been laid up after his RCT surgery and thinks he has a lock on all the teams.

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