Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cats Win! Cats Win!

What a day. Not only did the Basketcats win big in their exhibition game today, but the Footballers got their second Pac-10 road win as well. And neither game was on TV - imagine that. Of course Wilma and I, true fans that we are, listened to both games on the radio, six glorious hours of Wildcat highlights. We live for this.

  • WSU let any momentum get away from them when they tried a fake punt in the 3rd quarter.  And the Cats took it from there.   Willie T put his new concussion helmet to good use, and lasted the entire game.
  • Have the Wildcats finally turned the corner, or is that just the blinker I see?  So much for being 16+ point underdogs.
  • Bud-N-Wise-R lead Cats to Victory over Team Georgia.  The two freshman put on quite the show today in McKale.  Nice game for a couple of rookies.  And don't forget Jordan Hill.
  • Guess who has the #4 2006 Fall recruiting class?  Sorry, Sparky - Lute ain't retiring.
Coming up - Cal is here for Homecoming.  And we're welcoming Jeff, Zenna, and Christopher in for the weekend.  Yeah!

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