Friday, November 24, 2006

Does the name Zendejas sound familiar?

Who doesn't remember what Max Z. did for the Cats, or hate Luis Z. for going to Territorial Normal. Kicking's in the blood. And the new blood will be wearing cardinal and navy for the next 4 years. Alex Zendejas - of Glendale Ironwood - will take over placekicking for the Cats next year, as we get yet another Pheonix(sic) star to see the light. Nice coup, Stoops.

Alex Zendejas arguably comes from the most famous family of kickers in football history. He has three relatives who have kicked in the NFL, an uncle who was a famous Wildcat in Max Zendejas and an uncle who was a famous Sun Devil in Luis Zendejas. On Wednesday, he was given an offer to follow in the footsteps of Max and he accepted.

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