Sunday, November 19, 2006

Get the Duck Out of Here

Arizona rolled into Autzen Stadium with the fog yesterday, and by the time the skies had cleared the Cats had rolled to their third straight victory over a ranked opponent. Did anybody see this coming? After league losses to UDub, the Beavs, and UCLA, you would have been declared crazy and demented to even think the Cats would make themselves almost bowl-eligible by the time the Sparkettes showed up at AZ Stadium. With development of the O-Line, and the promotion of Dana Dimmel to co-offensive coordinator, the running game has kicked it up a notch or more. After 7 straight losses to the Ducks, and 20 years of frustration in Eugene, the Cats put their best game on the field and dominated from the get-go. The keys to the game were 1) win the turnover battle 2) win time of possession and 3) get the running game going, and the Cats did it all. And shut out the vaunted Oregon offense in the second half. My, oh my.
  • Chris Henry up for week twelve Cingular  All-America Player of the Week.  And why not, after his 3 TDs and 200+ total yards?  Now he is the beast of a back we thought he could be.
  • First fumbled punt was the beginning of the end.  There was still plenty of time for the Cats to gather in 5 more turnovers, though.  And they scored 24 points off those 6 turnovers.  Talk about the Pillsbury Doughboy!
  • The Sparkettes are going South next weekend, along with their season.  Do I hear a life-time option for Coach K(oetter)?
  • Cats win the coin flip for the first time in 12 games.  What are the odds?
  • Cool irony fact.  After Ohio State beat Michigan 42-39, the Pick 4 game of the Ohio lottery drew - you guessed it - 4-2-3-9.  Good for 5 grand if you picked 'em.
Go Cats!  Fork the Devils!

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