Saturday, November 11, 2006


As Wilma and I watched the Homecoming fans pour out onto the field following the Wildcats' 24-20 victory over #8 Cal, I realized this might be - finally - the beginning of the Stoops era at Arizona.  The game was loaded with bizarre plays, freakish moments, and a replay-it-to-death mentality by the officials.  Still, the Cats managed to pull this one out, outscoring the Bears 21-3 in the second half.  So now we're 5-5, with Oregon and Tempe Normal left.  Do I dare even think it?  I'm not even thinking the B word for fear of a jinx.
  • Just like last week, when we beat Wazzu, Cal is talking about "not showing up" or "not our best effort."  Hey!  Give us some props, man.
  • The football program needed that.  So did the school.  So did the fans.  Amen, Corky.
  • "The whole game was like plays going their way," (Cal) cornerback Daymeion Hughes said. "I was like, 'Man, this can't be real.' "  Believe it.
  • Even the SF Follicle noticed the rousing cheer for Nick Folk's first-quarter field goal.  Those were the first points AZ had scored against Cal in 2 years.  And they were just the beginning.
  • Cats Bear Down on the Bears, overcome big plays, and win one for the Gimper.  (That's for you, Wilma)
  • Arizona ruins Bears' BCS title dreams.  Get over it, California.  Or have you already forgotten what Tennessee did you?  You don't have the guts, desire, or class to even think BCS.  Bears Couldn't Score when it needed to.
Go Cats! 

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