Thursday, November 23, 2006

No Excuses, please, Sparky

Reading through this article it sounds like Tempe is making excuses already, and the game hasn't even been played. Sure, they've suffered through some injuries, but isn't that football? Where's the depth, Dirk? Some of it went north to Nebraska, leaving just crybabies in the Valley of the Scum. I don't remember Stoops with a hanky out when Willie went down for a few games. Or Steptoe. Suck it up, girls.

Speaking of girls:

"I think this was a real talented team at the beginning of the season," ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter said. "But who are our most talented guys? They haven't been playing. They've been hurt or they've had things happen. I'm not making excuses but that is the truth."

Suppose this hammerhead will take the next bus out with Koetter?

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