Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Caution: Wilbur at Work

I've been a little lax in posting here recently. New responsibilities OTJ have kept me pretty busy. And what do I come back to? Midnight Madness has come and gone, the starting QB for Stoops' troops is an old face from a few years ago, and much much more. Here goes:

Who's that QB -- luckily, Kris Heavner came back from Baylor just in time to put the pads on and learn the offense. We're going to need him. With Willie T. out with 2 count'em 2 concussions, and Adam Austin powerless with a bum knee, Heav's the man. And winning's the plan. Let's keep Tyler Lyon in a redshirt, okay? At least we knocked Stanford's QB out for the year...

What kind of bark are they chewing?
-- I read here that the Beavs are favored by 2 this weekend. Yeah, right...

Road trip -- interesting account of one man's trip to Palo Alto last weekend. Bonus - he saw the Cats win! Here's what the Cardinal fan saw.

Hint hint -- gift idea, Wilma.

Softball keeps loading up -- with another one here and here...

A last look -- at the game against Stanford.

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