Monday, October 03, 2005

Wait until - GULP! - next week

The Wildcat defense managed to hold the Cal Bears under their season averages for points scored and total yards, but is was all for naught as the offense struggled more than ever against a tough Cal defense. Let's just hope that the "00" the team is wearing on their helmets in Polkey's memory doesn't reflect their weekly scoring output. With the SC Trojans coming up Saturday in another national TV game now more than ever we need to find some offense.

TBS Press Points -- Some of the comments made by the game's announcers were really pretty kind. On Stoops: 'Recruit, recruit, recruit, that's the mantra of Mike Stoops and his program. I don't care how good a coach you are, without players, your(sic) just a guy with great concepts. With players your(sic) a guy with accomplishments.'"

Devils crumble -- Watching USC come back from a halftime deficit for two straight weeks worries me a lot. Watch out for them to jack it up in the first half to prove they can score in the first 30 minutes. And that Sparky is just a major irritant, isn't he? Is all he can do shake his fist and pitchfork??

Arizona's best QB -- sits on the sidelines.

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