Thursday, September 29, 2005

The week off that was

The week is winding down and what a week it's been. The tragic loss of yet another young spirited Wildcat athlete has a way of putting all this sports stuff into proper perspective. We can be thankful that our coaches have more on their minds than just winning games. More than coaches, they are surrogate parents, mentors, guides, and responsible for turning young eager teenagers into responsible goal-oriented adults. The loss and memory of Polkey will no doubt inspire all Wildcat teams to come. What a shame we weren't able to enjoy her finest hour, her final year.

Stoops' troops will need all the inspiration they can get in Saturday's battle against Cal. The lack of a decent run defense, and the disappearance of all tackling skills period put the Cats in a hole the minute they step on the field. It's about time we turn things around and break off a few big plays of our own. Hello, Mike Jefferson? Chris Henry? Mike Bell? Somebody please step up. The opportunity to show our stuff on national TV (TBS) is incentive plenty to play all four quarters hard and clean.

I was talking to a sales rep this week, and when I found out he had driven down from Pheonix (sic) the talk immediately turned to football. "Of course, you're going to root for us against 'SC this weekend, right?" he said. "Of course not, Bryan," was my reply. He'd heard that we were calling for Stoops' head down here, but I informed that was only wishful thinking by Scum Devil fans. "Nope, we read the posts on the UA message boards." Right - these are probably the same posters who are UA fan posers, too. The same ones who leave at the half and slip off to God knows where. Time for the real fans to stand up and be counted.

Defenseless -- if it happens again against Cal it's going to be real ugly.

"Major blow out?" -- or "possible devasting loss?" Cal fans looking at this weekend's game from both ends. Oh. It's Homecoming at Cal, too. Great.

Tribute to Polkey -- from the Daily Californian. Touching and inspiring.

Passing on the right legally -- Kovalchek is putting it together, more pieces hoping to show up Saturday.

Former Stormer -- ex-PCC Storm Mickey Pimentel should be glad he got out of Pima while the getting was good. But talking smack about the UA? Shame on you Mickey. Let's hope he meets Brad Wood a few times during the game.

Two years ago today -- Johnny Mac was fired as UA head coach. We were already 1-4 by this time?

Bear down!

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