Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hump Day

Wednesdays always give me hope that the weekend is getting closer. And with the Purdue Boilermakers coming to town for a Saturday showdown with the Wildcats this week can't go fast enough.

No TV - Strange as it sounds, the UA/Purdue game will not be on the tube Saturday. Huddle up by those radios, or - better yet - get a ticket to the game and support the team. The opportunity is there for a program-turning upset.

Midnight Madness - the name probably won't change, but the time has. This year's formal introduction will follow a Ladycats volleyball game, starting about 9:00p. Expect a large crowd at that game to stick around for some dunks and chuckles.

Got Wood? - tight end Brad Wood is coming along nicely for the Cats. Bonus - he's a local kid.

Beat the heat - PU coach Tiller not worried about the temperature at game time. Then again, he won't be wearing pads and a helmet, either.

Bear Down.

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