Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Home Opener

Now that I've recovered from last week's disappointing loss to Utah (there are only so many "what if's" allowed per game, it's time to regroup. I've forgiven Chris Henry for his 2 fumbles, even though he didn't drop one all spring or camp. Stoops was only trusting what he knows best - namely defense - to win the game in the waning minutes. Danny Baugher would drop that punt inside the 20 9 times out of 10. Anyway, here goes:

The folks in Flag look at the game this weekend
- wonder what a Lumberjack traveling party looks like?

"You play like you practice" - and other gems from coach Stoops about the past weekend. We had heard that practices were going well, hadn't we?

Sancet Field gets a makeover
- would have loved to have been there for the yard sale.

Looking ahead to Purdue
- at least Purdue is looking ahead to us. One game at a time, guys.

Where was B.J
. - Vickers didn't make the trip, so what the heck happened to him??

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