Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pesky Cats Dog SC

The Wildcat football team escaped the Coliseum with their psyches intact, their expectations elevated, and a (man I hate to say this) moral victory after yesterday's game with the Trojans. Proving that the 37-point spread that the oddsmakers had put down for this game was about 16 points too much should give the team a big boost going into this weekend's game against the Stanford Indians. Were the Cardinal the first team to go PC?

Cats make their point in LA -- and expose some chinks in the Trojan armor. Can I say chinks?

Stanford celebrates victory -- yes, it was a road trip to Wazzu. Now is the time for Cat fans to step up again and root the team on this Saturday. Remember the atmosphere at the Purdue game?

Carroll rationalizing the win? -- maybe we can be so lucky someday.

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