Monday, October 31, 2005

Wildcat tricks and treats

Halloween night and the horde of kids we were expecting are just not showing up. Lucky for us there are plenty of treats for Cat fans.

Cats host Bruins -- Homecoming this weekend, and AZ hosts the 7th-ranked Bruins. Sounds like the UA is ready for a scrap, and sooner or later Ucla won't be able to pull another whirlwind comeback out of their...pantalones.

Check out these stats -- just one penalty and a single turnover against the Beavs. That's what I'm talking about...

L'il Kim comes up Big -- Kim Glass named PAC10 Women's V-ball player of the week while rewriting the AZ record books.

Fall Ball -- We're talking baseball here, as Lopes has a major rebuilding job on his hands after losing seven position players from last year's Top 10 team.

In basketball news -- the Men's cage team welcomed Special Olympians for a special practice and autograph session. Saw the video of this on KVOA and it was truly inspiring.

Lute not an old fogey at 71 -- he's still able to adapt his offense to the style and types of players on the roster. Can you say - up tempo?

Chuck Cecil update -- now coaching for Tennessee in the NFL, no doubt giving an all-out performance.

Overdue hat-tip -- to UA soccer All-Everything star Mallory Miller. Great job laying the foundation for the future of that program.

There's a hole in the world tonight -- and in the middle of the Women's basketball team. Polkey meant so much to this team.

Thanks for the reminder -- "Wildcats Elated By First Win Over 1A Team." Keep digging, Tempe...

We're Number 1! -- so says in ranking the PAC10 basketball teams, while naming Hot Sauce the Player of the Year.

Bear Down and Beat the Bruins!

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