Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stoops "Whoops" do it again

Last night's game with Stanford was difficult to watch. Mistakes abounded from the pregame introductions (the team took the field as the smoke was clearing from the fireworks meant to signal their arrival) to our last legitimate chance to win the game (another turnover on 4th-and-forever). Missed assignments, dumb penalties, poorly thrown balls to wide open receivers....what a disappointment after watching us march down the field with the opening kickoff. I've got to chide the "Pride" again, the band, after they took the entire third quarter to get back into their seats and not being there to support the team. When Stanford took the second-half kickoff and drove the field for a TD the band was pulling their Houdini act and couldn't muster a squeak. And Led Zeppelin songs for the halftime show? Some tunes just don't lend themselves to French horns and oboes, get it?
Wilma and I did do our own salute to Hispanic Heritage Night (say what?) and headed to Guillermo's for a couple of #9 platters and a pitcher of cerveza (American). Still can't get the bad taste of the game out of our mouths, though.

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