Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ducks lay egg, still waddle out with win

Dang it! It was another "one that got away" story for the UA football team last night, one that should have been in the W column. With Willie T coming in midway through the first quarter and providing a huge lift to the entire team, it was easy to leave the game with a sense of future for this team. Just a matter of correcting mistakes in the basics of the game. Basics like holding onto the ball, wrapping up a tackle, keeping an eye on the play clock, and catching the dang ball when it's thrown right to you.

Oregon escapes 28-21 -- that just about sums it up.

Hey band. Get the Led out! -- I still yearn for the days when the marching band did just that - marched and played music. Times are changing, sad to say. Being a former Pride member myself (in the late '60's) I still hum the trombone part when I hear Bear Down. Still, what's with the disappearing act for the entire third quarter? The team actually managed to tie the game!

We want Willie -- the chant went up from the ZonaZoo and Stoops responded. So did Willie. Why did we keep him under wraps for so long? This from hometown Stockton paper - Free Willie 2.

What? No TV?? -- Neither the UA or asu games were televised yesterday. Good thing for both schools.

And just in case noone else noticed -- ASU sucks.

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