Saturday, January 21, 2006

Team Chemistry 101

One thing we noticed in Thursday's OT win over Stanford was a sudden spike in team chemistry and energy. Long ago I gave up wondering what Lute was going to do with his teams to improve play and togetherness. He is a Hall of Famer after all. With the subtraction of two players and addition of one this week he just might have pulled it off for this season, too. Maybe the Cats NCAA-leading streak of 21 straight tourney appearances is safe for another year after all. Baby steps become big steps today when Cal comes to town.

Teamwork -- Subtract Rodgers and McClellan, add Onobun provides winning formula

Zona's Mystery Men -- Cal must prepare differently now that UA has new look

Cal needs Perfect Storm - from the SF Follicle (thanks, Michael Savage)

More Cat bashing -- let them pounce on us (in the press) while they have the chance

Glory Road -- Kentucky faithful take offense to Rupp's portrayal as a racist. Hey, it's only a movie, folks. Check out the footnotes for mention of Lute's planned contract extention.

Softball, baseball, swimming -- Annual Jim Click Alumni Baseball Game is tomorrow. Wilma and I will be there to check out the Batcats' new pad.

Bear Down Arizona. Turn Powe into a Biff today.

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