Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cats back on track

After losing to UCLA on Thursday, the Wildcats bounced back today with a win over USC. A strong second half effort, and a much-improved game by Shakur, spurred the team to an 11-point victory. Coupled with Cal's loss to OSU today, three teams are atop the PAC10 standings - Cal, UCLA, and AZ. Washington's hanging in there close, too, with a ame tonight against Wazzu. Nice to see "Staf" have a strong game after his sub-par performance against the bRuins. Still too close to call. And how about those bRuins? After knocking UA out with 62% shooting on Thursday, their 36% today was just enough to put Tempe away today. What the hell happened, UCLA?
The coaching line for Tempe starts at the right, guys. Check here for a thoughtful article on beleagured Rob Evans.

Stoops still recruiting -- no rest for Mikey if his plans for the football team are to be realized. Git 'R' Done.

News from the Diamond -- two Wildcat players named to Pre-season All-America team. The Cats as a team are unranked in the Top 25 after losing a buttload of players from last year's record-setting team.

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