Thursday, January 26, 2006

Down goes Tempe. Down goes Tempe

Got to watch the UA/Tempe game last night on the big screen at Rookies in Oceanside CA. The crowd was definitely pro-Wildcats. Well, okay, there were three of us UA fans and nobody for Sparky, no sound on the TV, but it was still a gas. I can't see how Tempe has gotten any better since "Coach" Evans got there, so here's hoping the Regents grant him a contract extension, too. And I was wondering whatever happened to Dave Libby. If he was taking night classes at ref's school he should ask for a tuition reimbursement.....the guy's terrible. He goes both ways - with his bad calls, that is.
Next up - defending NCAA champ UNC for the Wildcats. Evans will be hitting the recruiting trail - flat on his face, of course.

Things can only get better -- thus spake Lute.

Where have all the powers gone? -- UA, Kansas, Kentucky, and UNC not ranked at the same time? Beam me up, Scotty.

Football adds another top recruit -- but can he study? Also recruited by USC, Texas, and Oregon, Devin Ross looks like another real deal.

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