Friday, January 27, 2006

Lute shows his pride

Actually, it's the pride of ex-Wildcats in the NBA that are showing a thing or two to the league. Things like sound fundamentals, good team players, and excellent citizenship. "You can't swing a bat in the NBA without hitting a Cat." Arizona trails only (shudder) Duke and Kentucky (11) for the most current players on rosters with 10 former Wildcats taking it to the next level. North Carolina, tomorrow's opponent, also weighs in with 10 former Tar Heels in the NBA. Look for more stars-in-the-making tomorrow as both teams seek respect. Selection Sunday is only 43 days away.

Kirk the Dominator -- Lute letting him play through his mistakes? Brilliant!

Clark Kellogg's take -- some more nice press for the game and the chance for an attention-getting road win.

Name dropping -- Michael Dickerson's little sister heating it up in Seattle.

Losing irks Tempe freshman - get used to it, Jeffie. It doesn't get any better than this. Take in a few more parties, dude.

Bear Down Arizona. Kick the Heels.

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