Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sweet Sweep

AZ Basketball seems to have righted its ship, at least for now, and hung in yesterday for a win over Cal at McKale. With four straight road games looming, including one against the NC Tarheels, their team chemistry beaker can't afford a leak or spill.

Cal gave all -- they were within a three-pointer in the closing seconds to send the Cats into yet another OT game. Not this time, though. Make that 12 straight losses at McKale for the Bolden Gears.

Unbeatens no more -- Yesterday saw the last 3 remaining unbeatens going down. Fans rushing the court was the norm of the day.

Thumbs up or down? -- the Chris Rodgers saga continues. Everyone's got an opinion, even Chris, but I gotta admit the Cats have picked it up since CR's dismissal last week. Must trust Lute....must trust Lute...must trust

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