Wednesday, March 16, 2005

washington's Conroy reaches out to Salim

Someone forgot to tell that Husky that Salim's not all that much of a talker. This from
"Disconnected: Conroy called Arizona guard Salim Stoudamire Tuesday in a show of conference support and solidarity, but Salim wasn't answering the phone and didn't return Will's call. 'I guess he's still angry at us,' said Conroy. Both Conroy, Romar and Nate Robinson talked about how they will unabashedly support the Wildcats while they are in Boise. UA plays Utah State Thursday evening. 'I asked coach if we got our business done if we could watch them (Arizona) play,' added Conroy. 'I'm a U-Dub fan and a Pac-10 fan 'til the day I die,' added Robinson. 'I'm rooting for the Pac-10 hands down.'"

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Anonymous said...

I also am a Pac-10 fan and am pulling for U-Dub. I hate it when we lose games like OSU did last night. The more post season games the Pac-10 wins, the more respect we will get from the national media.