Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pre-Game Jitters?

Frye'd up -- look for Channing to bring his A game with him to Chicago and feast in the paint. His progress and development as a player in the past four years has been a sheer pleasure to witness. Get 'R Done, big guy! More on Frye here.

Battle of the Boompas -- Two old friends in Lute Olson and Eddie Sutton meet for the first time in NCAA Tournament play, pretty amazing considering the success of both coaches. Can you spell "Classic?"

I beg your pardon? -- I just hate when this happens; read the article and see what I mean.

Stouda"mired" no more - Salim's recent awakening will serve him well in the Windy City as you can bet there will be more than a few scouts in the crowd.

Lute...Lute... -- a touching look at another side of the NCAA's, and at the true meaning of teammates.

Mustafa musthava goodgame -- time for the kid from Philly to remind the folks that he brings a sweet little touch with him whenever he touches the ball, too.

Cats try "Low Profile" approach -- doubt it will work, though. The team coming out of this bracket deserves to be in St. Louis.

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