Saturday, March 26, 2005

March to the Arch

In these hours leading up to today's game vs. the lllini, seems the smart money is on the home team. All the talk is on lllinois, and for this very reason the edge goes to Arizona. Even though our game is being touted as the best of the Regional Finals the Wildcats are still flying under the national radar, with a laser beam locked on St. Louis.

No surprise here -- Greg Hansen and Corky Simpson both take the Cats in an upset today.

Break it down -- Yoni Cohen does a nice job of analzing today's matchup, along with another game being played today.

More on Salim's 180 -- Cats are peaking, and they need to be in sync to beat the lllini.

More Salim -- I'd have thought you were crazy if you'd told me the Sullen One would be getting this much ink at the beginning of the season. His development has been more of a "blast" than a "blossom."

Whatever happened to -- Kenny Lofton? He's in Chicago today, cheering on his Cats!

Adios, Chicago. Bienvenidos St. Louis!

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