Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is it Thursday yet?

It was an inside job -- consensus is that the key to UA's matchup with OSU in the Sweet 16 will be the play of the big fellas inside. I'll take Channing against OSU's inconsistent Joey Graham as the Cats march on.

Ladycats close out their season -- Congratulations to Coach B.'s team on a winning season again, but their season ends in an ugly loss to LSU.

Spring means - football! -- a quick look at Stoop's Troops as they lace up for spring football practice. Could WR BJ Vickers really add 100 yards of offense per game? A few reps with Richard Kovalchek would help, but the QB is recovering from back surgery and won't take part in Spring drills.

Salim supplies the fire -- and let's hope he doesn't cool off (or get a haircut) for a couple more weeks. Read more here.

Paying homage to Lute -- The Illini's 3-guard lineup has its roots traced back to UA teams of the 90's, and credit Lute with making the lineup work.

The Sweet 16 from A-Z -- "L" is for LUTE.

UA's odd couple -- Jawann McClellan is passed the mantle of "The Golden Child," and helps keep the team (and Lute) loose and laughing.

And don't forget to check your brackets if you're in our NCAA tourney pool......looks like Mike Sweeney's got the best shot at winning it all.

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