Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh Boise, it's on to Chicago!

What's wrong with this story? Nice wrapup of the UA/UAB game but something slipped by the editor.
Corky Simpson praises Lute for his coaching job this season: "Looking back over the season, a long and improbable adventure in which many fans and observers bailed out on them at one time or another, only one person continued to believe in these Wildcats: Their coach."
This Washington Post article gives some great insights into Salim, including this: "I was a little antsy to start the game," he said. "But then I began to get into the flow." Guess so.
Lute calls UA fans spoiled, and he might have a point. Did you know the UA was given 550 tickets to sell to these games in Boise and returned 200 of them, unsold? Maybe we're just holding our breath, hoping it's not another flame-out.

Of course, here are the current standings for the BBall Pool.

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