Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cats Swagger while Sun Dribbles Stagger

What a great night last night.  Wilma and I celebrated our 37th anniversary in style, taking in the movie Dreamgirls before hustling over to Rookies Sports Bar in Oceanside to watch the Cats pummel ASwho.  Just before tipoff, a young man wearing a Wildcat cap sat down at a nearby table.  "Go Cats!" I said to him, whereby he scooted over and joined us to watch the game on one of the big screens which we'd already requested the game be shown on.  Turns out this wasn't just any young man.  "My girlfriend is Chase Budinger's sister," he said, which immediately endeared him to Wilma and I.  We talked about Chase quite a bit, and learned even more about the Wildcats' freshman phenom.  Soon after the game started, another couple decked out in Wildcat gear walked in.  "Is this the Wildcat section?," the gentleman asked.  "Go Cats!," was the response, so they joined, too.  Turns out the husband works in the UA Athletics department, and he and his wife were spending the week at the beach, too.  Not only that, but his wife went to the same high school as Wilbur, Rincon HS in Tucson.  The party really kicked off then, and the five of us easily made as much noise as the UA student section does for most games.  The 24-point victory over ASwho made it all the sweeter.
If you're reading this, Frank - thanks again for the beers.
  • Mohamed out indefinitely - we heard the announcers say that a Wildcat had been taken to the hospital with a concussion, but didn't find out much else until today.  We all wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Marcus Williams' X-ray experience - according to this article, Marcus had to wait 3 hours at UCLA Medical Center for wrist X-rays after last week's loss.  Ex-Bruin Don MacLean went to his own private physician instead of waitng in the ER when he was a student there.  The good news is the X-rays were negative, much like the whole experience in LA.
  • How's your trivia? - check out the trivia question in this article.
  • Tired legs, bad defense - interesting take in this SI article about Arizona's short bench.
  • National game of the week - and it's at McKale.  UA vs UNC.  This Saturday.  In Highdef.  Be there.

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