Sunday, January 21, 2007

And The Slump goes on

Well, this is certainly strange.  The Wildcats haven't lost 3 straight conference games in 23 years - Olson's first year at the helm.  And losing 4 straight to UCLA?  Did anyone see that coming?  Things look a little brighter in the near future (if you don't look at that game against the Tar Heels next weekend), and hopefully a little home cookin' will help the Cats get back their shooting touch, teamwork, and chemistry.  I'm looking at it this way:  better to have a little slump now than when the PAC10 and national tourneys roll around.  I don't like this trend of losing, though.  Now I know what Farky feels like up north.
  • The Slump - Coach O says we'll be OK.  I trust him.
  • More on the above - I still don't understand why Greg Hansen stays in Tucson.  Sure, he can't be a homer all the time, but he still dredges up ghosts of Wildcats past (Larry Smith) any chance he gets.  Check out the last line of his article here.
  • 2007 football schedule released - and it's full of surprises.  Only one non-conference road game (BYU), only 2 November games (one on a Thursday night), and a Dec. 1 matchup against, well, you-know-who.
  • New O-line coach - coming from Texas Tech also, he should work very well with Dykes.
  • How about a wide receivers coach? - this could be our guy.  Maybe he'll bring a few sweet recruits along, too.
Go Cats!  I'm still drivin' the bandwagon!

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