Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wilbur, wherefore art thou, Wilbur?

Just taking some time off to tend to matters around the Cat Den here. Wilma and KaceyKat have been putting in a lawn in the back yard, so the whole family is invited over to roll in the grass with us. That's gotta feel good. Much to catch up on in the Wildcat Nation, so here goes:

PAC10 Hoops race 2006-07 in a spin -- With so many players entering the NBA draft (with or without an agent), no clear cut favorite emerges. If Shakur and Williams leave Lute's lair, the Cats could drop back to the middle of the PAC again next season. Come on, freshmen....

Batcats take series -- not a sweep yet, but they did finish off Stanford today. Post-season hopes are still fading, though, as the Cats are below .500 for the season (17-20) and in league play (5-7). Nice new park, though.

Spring football over, now wait until fall -- From all indications we're in for a much better season in '06 than we've witnessed in quite awhile. Over 8000 showing up for yesterday's scrimmage? Amazing. Some other facts here. Stoops doesn't see the players enjoying their summer on the beach, either.

Former Wildcat wideout gains hero status -- "Angels of Death has a real-life hero, Jay Dobyns, a towering, former star receiver for the University of Arizona Wildcats, who joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in search of excitement." New book out about the Hell's Angels crime network stars one of our own.

Louis Holmes watch -- he's still talking like he'll suit up in the fall.

Fiesta Bowl Classic gets a makeover -- Memphis will be the only team to make it to McKale for the basketball classic. We've had enough of the lower seeded teams, anyway. There was no suspense who would play in the final, was there?

Greg Hansen has a good column again today
-- Of interest is the news that Lou Campanelli is stepping down as supervisor of PAC10 hoops refs. (clap)(clap)

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