Saturday, April 08, 2006

Life After Basketball

Now that the Final Four is fading, and all monies have been paid out to the bracket winnders, our thoughts turn to other news in and around the UA. Spring football is underway, baseball and softball are in full swing, and Wilbur has some tidbits he's found along the way.

Football penalty reduced -- Good news bad news for Stoops troops. Scholarships will be reduced by 3, not 4, but the penalty is extended. I bet we barely notice.
Something we will notice -- a rise in ticket prices after exemptions end. Those of us in the south endzone seem safe, though. Unless they start charging us for the footballs we toss out of Arizona Stadium onto 6th Street.
Second scrimmage -- the second spring scrimmage is today. Too bad Wilbur's on call or he'd be there!
Budingermania hits town -- long before Chase himself arrives. Let the kid at least find a place to stay....
Mike Bibby -- takes a look at what might have been. I just wish we could have kept him for more than 2 years.
Baseball -- loses.
Softball -- wins. Hollowell is back.
Stepping out of the Twilight Zone -- that's how Roz views the attitude towards next season.
J.P. Prince headed to Europe -- with the rest of the team for their tour. He's not planning a transfer.
Preseason #12?? -- that's where some folks put Lute's team next year. That would be something.

Bear Down.

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