Sunday, April 16, 2006

B-Dub.........always a character

Matt Othick played in 106 winning basketball games at Arizona from 1989 to 1992, a point guard and three-point shooter of note from Las Vegas who was part of three Pac-10 championship teams.
He has since become a successful investor in Las Vegas and Del Mar, Calif., and is now part of a Hollywood group that is developing a movie based on the life of the late Brian Williams, a UA and NBA power forward who played high school and college basketball with Othick.
Insomnia Entertainment, a firm headed by UA grad Trent Othick, Matt's brother, is working with ex-UA basketball manager Kevin Porter on the script. Porter was Williams' former manager and confidant. Matt Othick describes the project as something similar to "The Talented Mr. Ripley" or "Dead Calm."
More immediate, Trent Othick's first major film, "Standing Still," will be released nationally this week, beginning in Tucson theaters Friday. It is a "Big Chill" type film with a 21st century theme, and includes actress Mena Suvari.
"Standing Still" premiered last week in Hollywood. The Othick brothers attended, as did Othick's UA teammate Sean Rooks.
"I still see a lot of Steve Kerr, Jud Buechler and Kevin Flanagan every summer," said Othick, who remains close friends with his UA backcourt partner, Tucson attorney Matt Muehlebach.
"I had a wonderful time in Tucson," said Othick, whose mother lives here. "My only regret was our play during the NCAA tournament. We really should have won at least one national title while I was there." Opinion from Greg Hanson

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