Saturday, February 11, 2006

The NCAA rules on Instant Replay

The Rules Committee of the NCAA has approved the implementation of instant replay, along with a coach's challenge on questionable calls, for the 2006 season. This was tried in a few conferences the past season with varying results and reviews. The proposal now comes up for a full vote in March. Personally, I like the Moutain West Conference twist to the rule: Coaches would call a timeout to make a challenge. If the call was overturned, the team would keep its timeout and retain its challenge until it lost one. If the call was upheld, the team would be charged a timeout and the coach couldn't challenge again.

Other rules changes that are lost in this proposal are aimed at speeding up (why?) the game itself. The clock will start when the ball is kicked on a kickoff, not when the ball is touched. Halftime will be shortened to 15 minutes. The kicking tee will be reduced to 1 inch to reduce the number of touchbacks. Etc.

If you've been following this blog for awhile you'll know I'm most excited about the shortening of halftime. There's only so much Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd being played by bassoons and French horns that I can take.

Trivia: Who was the halftime entertainment at the first Super Bowl?

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