Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bill Fritter, anyone?

From comes the question of the day:
"Q: Who’s the next coach that’s gonna get fired? Rob Evans at ASU?
— Marlene, Tempe, Ariz.
A: Probably so. He has had eight years to get competitive with rival Arizona. He has won one game against the Wildcats. Evans has taken ASU to the NCAA Tournament one time (2003).
Hard to believe, but Evans had better success at Ole Miss where he won an SEC championship before he got to Tempe.
A couple of things look apparent. He doesn’t get the good players in the state; Lute Olson does. Southern California is not a recruiting hotbed for him; neither is Texas (except for Ike Diogu).
And, his supporters would rather be outside in the Arizona warmth than inside.
Inside, by the way, is not an arena but a recreation center that could be hurting Evans’ recruiting.
Finally, this is not a good year for the Pac-10 and ASU is in last place.
If a guy can have success at Ole Miss in basketball and not at Arizona State, there is an issue with more than the coach, but firing the coach is the easier solution."

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