Thursday, February 02, 2006

California Here We Come

Ready or not, the Cats take a big trip to LA to tangle with SC and ucLA. Even though the UA is 3-point favorite tonight against the Trojans, it's a cinch those points won't come from behind the arc. A measly 31% shooting touch from 3-point land has caused Lute to alter his offensive strategery - again. Let's see if he stands by his promise to yank anyone caught taking an ill-advised shot from "downtown." Has anyone else noticed his tolerance this season in letting players play through their mistakes? Maybe it's time to shake up a few egos.

RPI of 16? -- the NCAA released their first RPI rankings, with Arizona holding down 16th place. A few more quality wins would place them even higher. Then again, Tempe is whooping it up with a 191 ranking.

Recruiting -- recruiting, recruiting. Football-style.

100 minutes to SC. Definitely, 100 minutes. Go Cats!

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