Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As in three more days until Stoops' Troops take on the Utes. Wilbur predicts a UA victory, 30-18. Here are a few things to ponder until then:

They're off! - Coaches Stoops and Olson both have racehorses named after them, both trained by UA alumn Bob Baffert. Suppose they'll ever go head to head at Rillito?

Jawann McClellan status - losing a father is heartbreak for an adult, let alone a college freshman. Jawann's funk after his father's passing is understood. Will the NCAA see it the way Lute does?

“He told me that he doesn’t care if I play basketball here again, he just wanted me to get better,” McClellan said. “When I heard that I knew I had to come back because he cares about me as a person.”

Salim signs with the Hawks - no attitude problem with holding out, eh?

From the tall pines in Flagstaff - a capsule update of AZ football (and other lesser programs - asu, Cardinals, etc.)

Stoops preaches Red Zone efficiency - and the choir is listening

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