Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cats air it out at scrimmage

Nice display by the offense tonight in the Cats last public scrimmage before sequestering away with their game plan for Utah. Not much running, but plenty of big pass plays from all three QB's and their corps of receivers. The scrimmage opened with a kickoff being returned for a TD, something we haven't seen in the last 81 games. I'm not sure if that bodes well for for our return team or bad for our return defense. Exciting, nonetheless.

Kace and I took in a little of the pre-scrimmage activities, then settled into our seats on the 30-yard line in the shade (of course). In front of us were a mom and daughter, decked out in Wildcat gear. As the evening went on, I noticed that mom jumped up and yelled when Adam Austin completed several long passes, so I asked if he was her son. "Actually, no. But his coach is my husband." We were sitting behind Coach Stoops' wife! Very nice lady, and what a treat to meet her.

Gotta give the edge to the offense tonight, proving that Coach's commitment to pumping up the offense wasn't just smalltalk.

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