Tuesday, August 23, 2005

10 more days and counting

Now that this year's opener with Utah is within smelling distance the juices are really flowing at the Wilbur household. Here are a few items to keep you busy until that first whistle:

First classy - Lute and his Cats rate mention in this article about classy programs and the way they reach out in their communities.

Cats in a Bowl?? - we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but there are plenty of reasons why it could happen this year. And having a meteorologist for a head coach comes in handy during our monsoon season.

More bowl game fodder
- this time from our award winning Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Sobering article
- just in case our heads do swelleth.

"Sorry state of Wildcats football?"
- another reason I'll never move to Pheonix(sic)

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