Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Morning After

Dang it! Not only did I have to watch the National Championship game last night, a game the Wildcats would have been in if not for that squandered lead against lll., but to add insult to injury CBS's fan poll picked that very same comeback as the "Game Changing Performance" of the entire tourney. Carolina would have been a tough out for the Cats, though I would have loved to see that game. Is the Elite Eight Pre-season tourney still going on?

More pops for Salim -- his stock just keeps rising.

Where have all the women gone? -- if they go to the UA, they're probably in class (or have class). Playboy drew a much larger crowd of wannabe centerfolds when they visited asu than here at UA.

Feed the Studs -- Wildcat football team looking to get the ball to the big-play guys in the fall. Can't wait, and thanks to Pae for renewing our season tickets in the horseshoe end of Arizona Stadium.

Baseball team records series sweep -- newsworthy because it is the first series sweep by the Batcats since 1999. Our star is rising...

This star already shines -- Terry Francona, the Bosox manager who led them to promised land lst year and reversed the curse, recalls his roots at Sancet Field.

What's new with the Gundevils? -- the Loren Wade/Brandon Falkner incident is just the latest at Shoot-em-up U. The wild west still lives, at least it does 100 miles to the north of here.

Bear Down!

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