Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lute invites former player now coach and his team out for a friendly December tourney

Just when you think there isn't anything else to know about Lute Olson along comes a former Iowa player and his UCF Golden Knights to remind us that he actually did have pre-Arizona years. Years to mold and inspire players other than Wildcats. With UCF joining Conference USA next season, coach Kirk Speraw is taking a page out of his old coach's manual and upgrading his non-conference schedule, a proven practice that Lute works to perfection here. The more competitive the opponent the more spirited the team will play, and losses like that teach much more than sloppy wins. Think Kirk is looking forward to playing against the Cats?

"I was thinking about going out there as a guarantee opponent, but then Lute said, 'Well, I've got this tournament,'" said Speraw, who played for Olson at Iowa. "Forty-five minutes later, it was done."

In his 12 season with Golden Knights, his team won more than 25 games last season and made their 3rd trip to the dance in Speraw's tenure. No cupcake here, folks, sorry.

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