Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Everyone makes mistakes, oh yes they do

J. Ryan Casey writes in the Arizona Daily Wildcat about the decision to give athletes with a checkered past a second chance by some coaches and schools. asu has been getting lots of bad press recently, and I hate to rub it in any more.....anyway. It would appear that Coach Stoops carefully weighs the positives and negatives of each recruit/team member, and he strikes as the kind of guy who's not going to be snowed by anyone, and if he is, he'll weed 'em out on the practice field. He is on a mission to build a solid program here, a contender year in and year out, and I'd hate to see the guy who gets in his way.
And, besides, we've got former gang members doing just fine kicking insurgent butt half a world away, so in some cases "rehabilitation" does work.

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J. Ryan Casey said...


Thanks for posting this here, I appreciate it a lot :). The thing that Stoops needs to be careful with is not getting overzealous and recuiting too many players that come with questionable pasts just to build up the talent pool.