Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wait 'til next year

With yesterday's drubbing by Purdue, Arizona Basketball v.2006-07 is over. Finally. Not the way Ivan or Shakur pictured it, I'm sure, when they started their careers here. Here are a few reasons we had the season we did:
  • Shakur was not the kind of player we all thought he was. The freshman "Golden Child" turned into another false point guard.
  • We thought were tough. We weren't.
  • Not enough depth. Either the bench didn't develop for the entire season or the talent just isn't there.
  • And what about Lute? You know the talk is going to be "he's too old...he's lost it...his age hurts us in recruiting.." The guy only needs 19 more wins to reach 800 career victories, so let's make sure he gets them here.
  • We struggled without JMac and got too little too late.
  • No passion. The team just didn't seem to care about the game, at least not as much as all those of us cheering them on.
  • Bad Karma. When Williams declared Zona as the "Standard in the Pac10 against which all others are judged" it spelled the beginning of the end of the season. It figures it would happen in the city of Voodoo.
So another basketball season wraps up and we can start thinking Wildcat Football again! Life is always good in Wildcat Country.

Here's the first sign that the end is near - Don King to meet with the Pope.

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