Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tarred, Heeled, Declawed, Redemption

Wilbur here has been MIA for the past week, much like the Wildcats have been.  After suffering through the meltdown against Carolina last week, then watching a rare home loss to WSU (giving the Cougs their first season sweep of the Cats - ever!), I admit I was a little concerned as I prepared to watch today's game against Washington.  The Cats psyche was to the fragile state, shooting percentages were lower than low, and fans were jumping off the bandwagon faster than partners off Paris Hilton.  Turns out the Huskies were just what Dr. Lute ordered, as the Cats pounded UDub for a 30-point win.  And this in an early morning game for a team that can't seem to wake up late enough.  The confidence gained from today's win will be much needed for the road trip to the Oregon schools next week.  Have the Cats got their mojo back?  Time will tell, but a good showing for the rest of the season will be a requisite going into the PAC10 tourney and beyond.  Go Cats!
Go Cats!  The bandwagon is loading up again.

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