Sunday, February 11, 2007

Red Road Uni's Help Cats Find Their Mojo

After going 0-4 in close games this season the Cats finally win one. It's also nice to play against a team that is struggling just like AZ has done this year. Wasn't it sweet to hold Brooks to just 6 points? That rumbling sound you hear is the bandwagon loading up. Again.
  • Quacked up - Seeing Aaron Brooks with a bandage on his cheek and Coach Kent with his left shoulder useless was kind of a strange ending, though.
  • Batcats roll - Starting off 7-0 this season gives hopes for the season. I hope this doesn't work like the old announcer jinx on free-throw shooters.
  • Commitment to Excrement - the Sun Dribbles continue to flame out, big-time.
  • Ivan to Win - I just liked the headline of this article. And what a shot by Ivan.

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