Sunday, December 03, 2006

What a difference a week makes

Last weekend, we were drowning our sorrows in a cup of decaf over the Cats loss to Tempe Normal in the final football game of the year. Bad enough that the Territorial Cup has to stay on that dingy campus for one more year, but now the Sparkettes are looking for a new head coach. Jeez, I was hoping their win would get him at least one more season in the Valley of the Runs.

Today, though, we celebrate Lute's Troops, fresh off a stirring victory over the Fighting Illini. More on that and even more Wildcat news here:

  • Chase Budinger is getting quite a fan following, as he turns in one star performance after another. Hope he sticks around for more than one year.
  • Shedding our "soft" reputation? Still remains to be seen, but the defense will need to step it up for the entire game if the Cats want to be taken seriously.
  • Nice to have the shoe on the other foot this time, watching the Cats come back from a double-digit deficit and win one going away.
  • Mike Bell loses bet to Jake the Snake, suffers the ultimate insult (last topic in article)
  • With Stoops looking for an offensive coordinator, does he like Dykes? And don't forget Dirk...what a switcheroo that would be, eh?
  • And finally, here's a recap of football recruits to date.
Vaya con Wilbur

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