Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cat Fight!

Cat fight in Tucson tonight, as the Houston Cougars venture into McKale to take on the Cats.  The obscene starting time of 8:00p locally, coupled with the Christmas break for students, could  mean a lower-than-normal turnout for the game.  Damn that contract with Fox Sports!  Anyway, there will still be more fans in attendance that at your typical Tempe Normal game.  Hey - maybe we'll get to see some bench play.
  • Next up - Memphis.  One of the week's top games, at least in this guy's perspective.
  • Iggy, Iggy - Interesting 1-on-1 with Andre.  Can he be the man for the 76er's now tha AI is riding the pine?
  • Two brothers, one play - isn't it crazy how that blown call in the Oregon-Oklahoma game cost both the Cats and the Sooners?
  • DE bookend - "Sandman II" commits to UA football.  Keep 'em coming, Mikey.
  • A legend comes home - When Mike Bell returns to Glendale today as the Broncos play the Cards he'll be coming home to his roots.  Good job, Mike.
Bear Down.

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