Saturday, September 01, 2007

Game 1 2007(08?) Season

Last year’s season-opening tilt between the Arizona Wildcats and BYU Cougars at Arizona Stadium produced one of the most exciting wins of head coach Mike Stoops’ three-year tenure.
Nick Folk banged home a 48-yard field goal with one second remaining on the clock to give the Wildcats a surprising 16-13 win in front of one of the largest crowds in Arizona football history.
This year, the Cougars will be looking for revenge as the Wildcats travel to Provo, Utah on Saturday for the rematch.
We know the defense will show up strong, and we hope upon hope that the Cats will finally have an offense that works.
Bear Down.
  • Here's one oddsmaker that has seen the light. Take the Cats and the points +3 1/2
  • The Cougars think we kept them out of the BCS games last year so they're fired up today. Danger - mad Mormons.
  • BYU trots out what they hope is their next great QB. The fact that he's from the Valley of the Dead, dedshirted a year at Tempe Normal, and is the nephew of that "other" Danny White adds a little something extra to the game. Watch the UA defense key in on poor Max Hall....ouch.
  • Too bad that tonight's game between San Jose State and Tempe won't be on TV. I'd love to see the Tomey/Erickson matchup, the tenth time the coaches have met. I'm thinking Fiesta Bowl 2004, a 29-0 whuppin' Dick laid on Dennis.
  • Willie T has plenty of experience running the spread offense, according to his hometown paper. He completed 19 of 23 passes for 305 yards and five touchdowns in a
    50-45 victory over Nevada Union in the 2004 Sac-Joaquin Section
    Division I final. The more I hear, the more excited I get about the Cats' potential this year.
  • Here are some great football nicknames that aren't of your garden variety. No Banana Slugs or Artichokes, though.
  • Ex-Batcat Jordan Brown makes the Cleveland Indians stand up and take notice of him. MVP and Rookie of the Year awards in back to back seasons.

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