Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Black Eye for West Coast Football

Wilma and I watched the Oregon/Oklahoma football game this past weekend. You know, the game where the PAC10 showed the country the high level of officiating that is rampant though this league. Sure, the refs blew a couple of calls at the end - especially the onsides kick - but is that really a surprise? Hell no. Not to us. Not to anyone who's watched those blind zebras place themselves on a pedestal higher than the game itself. What did you expect, Sooners? You gave up over 500 yards in offense to the Yucks, but you still had a chance to win the game. Three times you got down inside the Oregon 20 yard line and settled for field goals. Sure, the game was taken away from you in the last minute and a half, but you had already given it away. Hopefully, that officiating team - suspended for one game - is the one that was going to be assigned to the AZ/SC game this weekend and we'll get some real refs. I seriously doubt it, though. But I'll wait for the replay.

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