Wednesday, August 30, 2006

3 Days to Figure it Out

Only three more days 'til the Cats kick off the 2006 football season, and it can't happen soon enough. With rumors that the UA is ready to open up the offense more this season, the fans could be in for a big bang for their sports buck. Winning will be the yardstick by which this team is measured. As nice as loyal Wildcat fans are, we are desperate for a drink from the winners' fountain.
When it comes to beating BYU, stopping the run could be the key to victory. (Along with a solid performance from the special teams) Forcing John Beck to pass into our awesome secondary would be a dream come true. Heck, we'll be picking off passes like it's Jeff Van Raphorst tossing them. Of course, BYU has some defensive questions of their own. How about starting two freshman on the D-Line? Brilliant!
Talk about depth -- Stoops has 5 Star JC recruit Louis Holmes on the pine to start the season. Look for him to be rotated in quickly, though.

Go Cats!

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